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Founded in 2012, and based on the ideals that people should not only maintain control of their work, but also profit from it. We work with innovative, creative, and talented artists of all kinds and help them realize their dreams.

1st Ride is there for every step, from first drafts all the way to reaching target audiences. Our team of 1stRideLogotalented professionals help with coaching, editing, publishing and marketing. Whether you have a piece of adult fiction …



a children’s book …



1stRideLogo-Coaching3 copyor some other goal you are trying to achieve, we can help!


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Why 1st Ride? Because we can help you…

… bring beloved characters to life:



… add value to your author experience:

“I came to 1st Ride with a story, but no idea how to go about finishing the art for my book. I have never attempted graphic art on my own, and hiring a random freelance illustrator seemed not only expensive, but risky. 1st Ride was a one-stop-shop that handled everything related to publishing my book from editing, layout, and art, to binding, publishing and marketing. The art in particular made my characters come to life in vivid color on the page, and made my book feel real in a way nothing else did. This service is one of the main benefits a writer gets from 1st Ride that is above and beyond any other publisher out there. Thank you 1st Ride for offering this amazing experience to your writers.”  ~1st Ride Kids Author

… receive great reviews from readers: 







… get nominated for Independent Book Awards:











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