About 1st Ride

Who we are

Founded in 2012, 1st Ride Enterprises is a company dedicated to helping people achieve their life goals. The company accomplishes these goals through its three divisions:

  • 1st Ride Publishing – 1st Ride Publishing is dedicated to supporting artists 1stRideLogodevelop compelling character driven stories and art work and share their creations with larger audiences.
  • 1st Ride Kids – 1st Ride Kids is our children’s literature publishing house1stRideLogo-Kids dedicated to supporting  author’s in writing age-appropriate, character driven stories with strong, positive morals, and engaging and original stories..  
  • 1st Ride Coaching – 1st Ride Coaching is dedicated to working with its clients to help them identify and 1stRideLogo-Coaching3 copyachieve personal goals in every facet of their lives.

What we do

1st Ride is a diverse company with a cohesive mission: to help people achieve their goals. We believe that everyone has the ability to accomplish the things that are meaningful to them and we support them in doing that – their way.

1st Ride Publishing is different from traditional publishing companies who take over authority of the finished product and also retain the majority of the royalties. Our authors maintain control over their creative works, guided by the professionals at 1st Ride, to ensure a professional and compelling final product. We are also different from the numerous self-publishing service companies popping up in that we don’t take a chunk of the profits upfront and leave authors to their own devices. We have a group of trained professionals who devote their time to ensuring that every book with the 1st Ride logo is a professional product but also matches the author’s vision for their creative work. Whether you are the author of a piece of adult fiction, or have a kids book, 1st Ride could be the right fit for you!

Check out the captivating, and varied, list of Published and Upcoming Works!

1st Ride Coaching is a unique goals coaching program that focuses on teaching individuals how they can use their time and energy more effectively to accomplish more of their personal goals. The founder of this program is frequently the recipient of comments like “I can’t believe you did all of that last month!” or “Wow, you’ve accomplished every major life goal you set for yourself. I didn’t think that was possible!” Using 1st Ride’s innovative, year-long, coaching program can help you be on the receiving end of comments like that!

The first step to achieving your dreams and goals may be to learn more about the program or contact one of our Coaches.

Pledge of Confidentiality

We pledge that any manuscript(s) or other material you submit will not be used, copied, sold, shared, or disclosed for any other reason outside of the services you specifically request from 1st Ride. We further promise that you, as the author, retain 100% of the rights and copyrights to 100% of your manuscript and materials. 

1st Ride Origins

1st Ride was born on a cool January evening in a Florida marina bar when two friends, happily tired after a day of paddle boarding, were discussing the creative voids in their lives as they sipped Bloody Marys. One of those friends, Matt Galeone, was an author with an already written manuscript and no idea how to move from draft to published work. The other, Beth Williams, was missing her publishing roots, stifled working as a government contractor. As they talked that night about the way the publishing industry was changing, and as one drink became two, the pair finally came to the obvious (or at least obvious after several drinks!) conclusion that together, they could accomplish what neither of them felt they could do alone. Thus began 1st Ride Enterprises!

In 2013, the company expanded to include its second division, 1st Ride Coaching, when Matt Galeone completed his first book on New Year’s Eve. That night where one year fades into a new one has long been an important night for him and as he sat there looking at his final draft, knowing that he had at last achieved one of the biggest life goals he had set, he knew that he wanted to help other people achieve their goals.

That same year they added their third division, 1st Ride Kids, in recognition of the fact that children’s books were sufficiently different from the adult books supported by 1st Ride Publishing, that they needed their own processes, support teams and structure.

1st Ride is proud to have published 21 books that otherwise might not have existed and to have helped those six authors realize their dreams. With new books in the works, and new authors on the verge of accomplishing their goals of publishing, there are many exciting things on the horizon!