Dramatic Fiction


Written by Jenine Zimmers

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Lauren Lowther, Beth Williams

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Margaret Fryburger. Margaret Linebacker. Faggaret Lardburger. Fatty. Almost no one calls Margaret Steinberger by her real name. Now a 323-pound high school senior, she’s used to humiliation, whether it’s squeezing into Spandex for a Biggest Loser audition video, or hiding in a bathroom stall to eat Oreo cookies.

Underneath the fat is a girl with a sense of humor who dreams of singing somewhere grander than her parents’ basement. One who wants to stop binge eating nachos at night. One determined to find her first real friend. A friend would make it easier to face the bullies she’s had since elementary school. Sometimes it’s humiliating: they’ve followed her down the hall making fart noises. Sometimes it’s far worse: they once forced chocolates into her mouth until she puked.

This year she takes control of her life. She finds an ally in Mr. Hansen, a first-year theater teacher who shares her love of show tunes, and Casey, a born performer who could be (fingers crossed) the friend she’s always wanted. But as Margaret’s confidence builds, her bullies take their torment to painful new heights, breaking Margaret in a way she hadn’t known they could. The incident rocks her and those around her, leaving them to wonder if the damage of a bully can ever really be fixed, and if revenge can sometimes be morally right.

FATTY is a story about the inner demons that we (bullies included) battle as we attempt to fit in, not only with others, but with ourselves.


An Image of Us

Written by Robert G. Edwards

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Pam Huenke, Jen Katz, Billie-Jo Kearns, Tracie Schmidt, Beth Williams

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“He had been rooted at the threshold for far too long…a visitor wanting to belong. A journeyman peering out into the wild frontier, consumed by the passion of want. Life at its essence was malleable, as it should be, and he had not properly embraced it. He had merely observed its warm shadow falling across his face from time to time, never before possessing either the conviction or the passion to bottle it.”

And so begins the story of Sam Fenton—a man who, in his youth, fell completely in love with Kathryn Ackart, and she with him. Their future together was certain and imminently bright. But Sam, confronted by a perilous choice, made the decision to leave his hometown of Meylor, North Carolina and his life with Kathryn behind. A sacrifice that would leave him lost along his chosen path, and Kathryn haunted by the specter of what should have been. Years later, the unanticipated arrival of an ordinary blue envelope offers Sam a fragile hope of redemption. It will lead him back to Meylor, and a confrontation with new choices, old ghosts, and ultimately, Kathryn. But some wounds aren’t easily healed, and some hearts never mend. Familiar faces turn strange and past relationships will be tested. What ensues is an unforgettable journey through the fires of regret and heartache. And an exploration of the shadows of the past, of the self, and the distant possibility of a love once thought beyond resurrection.

An Image of Us is a tenderly written, emotionally charged love story, which challenges the reader to question just how far would you travel, how much would you sacrifice for a chance at redemption. It is a compelling novel that will undoubtedly linger with readers long after the final page has been turned.


Chasing the Surface

Chasing_the_Surface_CoverWritten by Robert G. Edwards

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Jen Katz, Amy Beth Leasure, Katie Leary, John Orrand, Beth Williams

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Six years ago, Sam Fenton had the world at his feet after reconnecting with his childhood love, a dream he once thought beyond his grasp. But in the shadow of her unexpected death, Sam learned the agonizing lesson that life plays by its own set of rules. Now, years later, despite his lingering grief, Sam wants to love again; if only he can find the resolve to do so.

Now a travel writer, Sam is assigned to an excursion to a private island in the Caribbean where he discovers that life has yet another lesson to teach when he is literally thrown together with Tara Lindsey, the beautiful but aloof Activities Coordinator who has a guarded past of her own.

Contentious at first, their encounter will ultimately plunge them into a romance far deeper and more complex than either could have anticipated. Trust is in short supply. Faith is questioned and old, painful fears come to light. Fears that must be conquered if there is to be any hope of embracing the future they both desperately crave. Can Tara overcome her own personal tragedy in time to realize the hope that Sam represents? And can Sam understand once and for all that sometimes moving on doesn’t mean having to let go?

Chasing the Surface is the heart-wrenching sequel to the much beloved An Image of Us. It is the continuation of a journey that takes a fervent and poignant look at what it means to love beyond the boundaries of mortality, and at the strength demanded to trust one another… and ourselves.

Purple Meadow

Written by Robert G. Edwards

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Katherine Gray, Jen Katz, Billie-Jo Kearns, Tracie Schmidt, Beth Williams

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Pro tennis player, Ann Salenger has come to the coastal town of Rockport, Maine for three weeks of solitude, relaxation, and recuperation. After rehabbing her second knee injury, Ann has only one thing on her mind: winning. She must place high in the next tournament if she is to salvage what was once a promising career. Like Ann, Rockport native, Tristan Davis is in the midst of his own private conflict: his days are spent battling his own personal demons while searching for ways to keep his family’s aging seaside retreat from going bankrupt.

When the two cross paths early in her vacation, their mutual attraction is as powerful as it is unexpected, but complications arise when Ann’s vacation draws to a close. Prior dreams are soon questioned and old priorities bend to the pressures of new ones as the two lovers struggle to merge their different worlds into one. It is a complex puzzle that Ann and Tristan must solve; their attempt to piece it together will span several continents and two oceans, and will threaten the very fabric of what brought them together to begin with. Is love always enough? Or will life get in the way?

Purple Meadow is a sensitively written, dramatic, and often times humorous love story, which explores the complications that stem from the attraction of two people from fundamentally different backgrounds. It investigates the emotional complexities of taking chances, the consequences that are sure to follow, and the courage demanded when following the most important thing in life: the heart.


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