Horror / Thriller

Withered Hosts

Withered_Hosts_CoverWritten by Scott Bisig

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Katie Leary, Amy Beth Leasure, John Orrand, Beth Williams

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Brian and Alison Graham are already haunted when they move into their new apartment, and are almost ghosts themselves: cursed by the loss of a child, inhabiting a vacant marriage, doomed to cope in separate and destructive ways.

Almost immediately, three-year-old Emma begins losing sleep. Brian begins losing memories. Soon, there are dangers everywhere – figures in the shadows, ominous warnings from the apartment downstairs; the building itself, even the people in it, may not be what they seem. As Brian struggles to keep his sanity, his marriage, and to save his remaining child, he will come to realize that their pasts are not past at all.

The Grahams have no idea what it means to be really haunted – but they will. And, over twenty-three long days, it will take every last bit of their willpower – and the courage to face the truth – if there is any hope for their survival.


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