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The Elephant and the Bird Feeder: Adventure in Thailand

Written by Leona Upton Illig, Illustrated by Elena Bisig

Creative Team: Melinda Elingburg, Matt Galeone, Makenzie Rustin, Beth Williams

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Should I trust my en­emy? Befriend a stranger? Believe the impossible? Three youngsters living in the Thai countryside—an elephant, a parrot, and a boy—must find the answers to these questions. Their choices could determine their survival.

Young readers will eagerly follow the adventures of this unlikely trio as they journey through the back country in search of a home for an orphaned elephant. A modern-day fable about the values of cooperation, compassion, and respect for nature, this story will capture hearts and inspire young minds.

Helping Hooves & Humongous Hearts

Happy Tales of Therapy Animals

Helping_Hooves_&_Hum_Cover_for_KindleWritten by Beth Williams, Illustrated by Elena Bisig

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Katie Leary, Lauren Lowther, John Orrand

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Animals are incredible! They comfort us when we are upset, make us laugh when we are sad, and cuddle with us when we are sick. Some animals even have special jobs helping people!

Come explore the tales of Fred the horse, Bernie the dog, and Princess the cat as these heroic animals perform their special jobs to help people get stronger, be safer, and feel happier.

Who are the animal heroes in your life?

Helping Hooves and Humongous Hearts: Happy Tales of Therapy Animals is a wonderful story for children and their families that teaches us about companion animals and introduces them to important diversity concepts.



Written by Kelly Henry
Illustrated by Nicole Rok 

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Amy Much, Makenzie Rustin, Beth Williams

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Dinosaurs may not have roamed the earth for millions of years, but four-year-old Anthony has a secret. He is the guardian of the last known dinosaur egg to ever exist!  That’s a big responsibility, so when the special egg goes missing, Anthony is determined to do whatever it takes to save it.  With the help of his mother, Anthony embarks on a series of fantastic adventures to find the precious egg, but what they learn about themselves in the process becomes the biggest discovery of all.


Oberst & Valentine Find Their Human

Oberst__Valentine_F_Cover_for_KindleWritten by Matt Galeone
Illustrated by Bethany Farrell 

Creative Team: Katie Leary, AB Leasure, Beth Williams

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Oberst and Valentine are looking for a home and a lap to call their own,
Matt the human wants a happy house full of furry friends, not to live all alone.
When Matt meets all of the rescue kittens, Valentine and Oberst hatch a plan,
Here’s the story of how Oberst and Valentine finally found their human!

Oberst and Valentine Find Their Human is a delightful children’s book based on the true story of how real-life rescue-cats Oberst and Valentine chose, or found, Baltimore-based author Matt Galeone and how together they created a family.

Oberst, Valentine, and Matt’s funny and heartwarming tale comes to life through illustrator, and Matt’s childhood friend, Bethany Farrell’s beautiful artwork.

Enjoy Oberst and Valentine’s story and welcome them into your family today!


A Very Oberst & Valentine Christmas

a_very_oberst__vale_cover_for_kindleWritten by Matt Galeone
Illustrated by Bethany Farrell 

Creative Team: Katie Leary, AB Leasure, Beth Williams

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What is that white stuff falling from the sky out there?
Why are there bows and ornaments and strange new smells everywhere?
What a funny time of year for two little kittens wondering, what’s all the fuss?
Let’s find out and enjoy A Very Oberst and Valentine Christmas!

The loveable furry duo Oberst and Valentine are back and about to experience all of the magic and mayhem of the holiday season! Join the fun-loving pair as they, along with their human Matt, play in the snow, get tangled in lights, and explore the true meaning of the season. Will Oberst find the right gift for Valentine? Will Valentine ever stop attacking the Christmas tree?!?

Come share the season with Oberst and Valentine as they learn that the best part of the holidays is sharing them with the people (and furry friends) that you love!
We hope you and your loved ones enjoy this sweet, silly, funny, and touching holiday story about love and family. Here’s wishing you A Very Oberst and Valentine Christmas!


Sparky & Squeaker

Sparky_&_Squeaker_Cover_for_KindleWritten by Jen Katz

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Katherine Gray, Jen Katz, Tracie Schmidt, Beth Williams

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Squeaker is a bird and Sparky is his best friend…so Sparky decides that must mean HE is a bird too! Travel with Sparky as he clumsily tries to follow Squeaker’s lead in his attempt to do bird-like things. Children of all ages will enjoy Sparky’s goofy antics in his determination to be a bird, but will walk away with a better understanding of the importance of being yourself and an appreciation that the differences between people are part of what makes each individual special.


The Special Beat of Ordinary Feet

The_Special_Beat_of__Cover_for_KindleWritten by Patricia Perrin

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Katherine Gray, Jen Katz, Tracie Schmidt, Beth Williams

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What do you do with a puzzling question that you don’t have the answer to? When Duck decides to ask squirrel his very puzzling question they end up going on quite an adventure! Duck, Squirrel, and Rabbit team up to ask the Old Wise Man their puzzling question, and meet many new friends and visit far-away places on their quest. By working as a team to overcome various trials, they soon discover how special each of them really is!


Willoughby’s Itchy Twitchy Whiskers

Willoughby_CoverWritten and Illustrated by Patricia Perrin

Creative Team: Matt Galeone, Billie-Jo Kearns, Lauren Lowther, John Orrand, Beth Williams

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Willoughby Q. is not an ordinary dog. What makes him extraordinary are his remarkable whiskers. Sometimes they tell him to do good things, and sometimes they tell him to do bad things. He has to choose which ones to listen to.
Will he choose to listen to his itchy whiskers, and get into mischief? Or will he choose to listen to his twitchy whiskers and stay out of trouble?

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