Charity Efforts

Supporting our Local Communities

2013 Holiday Charity CampaignBaltimore Author, Matt Galeone, has donated copies of all four of his Sci-Fi books to the Friends of Patterson Park in support of their upcoming fundraiser. The books wereavailable for bidding in the silent auction. All proceeds go to support the organization that was formed to to promote, protect and advocate for the treasured local park. 

The 11th Annual Wine-Tasting at Sunset Soiree Fundraiser was held on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 from 6-9 p.m.

For more information on the Friends of Patterson Park or the fundraiser please check out their website.

Encouraging the Next Generation of Writers

Galeone_4 coversIn February 2015, Matt Galeone met with a local Baltimore home school coop to speak to middle and high school aged children about being an author using the process of writing his books, The Champion of Clarendon Ditch trilogy and his newest book, The 15th Chair: Book 1, to guide the conversation. These talks build confidence and inspire them to follow their own literary interests. We appreciate the difference that you are making Matt! The event was quite a success and really had an impact on the students. According to the teacher, one in particular  was “intrigued and inspired by [Matt] and all that he shared about his experiences as a writer. This student has decided to become an author and is starting a journal of ideas!”


Autism Society of North Carolina

NCAS_Logo_primary_v_cRob Edwards, who is publishing his third book with 1st Ride Publishing, will be donating a generous portion of his royalties to the Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC). For over 44 years, ASNC has worked to address areas of need and expand services for the autism community in North Carolina. ASNC is a statewide organization, supporting North Carolinians affected by autism. Every dollar that we raise stays within North Carolina, helping people who live and work in our local communities. Learn more about this great organization at their website. To support this great cause be sure to buy his newest book, Chasing the Surface, or check out the other great works by this author!

American Cancer Society

Sparky_&_Squeaker_Cover_for_Kindle1st Ride Author, Jen Katz, is donating a portion of her author royalties from her book in support of the American Cancer Society! Purchase a copy of Sparky & Squeaker today and get a wonderful children’s story for your loved ones and support an important cause.

Volunteering Our Time

Many 1st Ride authors donate their time to non-profit groups to introduce young people to their heartfelt stories and to encourage a love of reading and writing to the next generations. We salute:

Cristel Orrand, Author of the Amalgamist, is a very active community member. She donates her time to a variety of fundraising events that encourage and support local writers, raise money for families in need, and promote the arts in her community. Her roles have varied from MCing to planning and coordinating events in the greater Raleigh NC area.

Patricia Perrin who has done readings of her book, The Special Beat of Ordinary Feet, to more than six libraries in New England. Her story has brought joy to many young children and taught them the importance of valuing what is unique in themselves and in others! Thanks Patricia!

Jen Katz who has done readings at two local schools in Georgia, sharing the message of her book, Sparky and Squeaker, that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. During these readings she shares her story’s origin tale about how a school project turned into a real book and encourages kids to pursue their dreams, and to dream big! Way to go Jen!

Previous Charity Campaigns

1st Ride Authors have a strong history of supporting their local communities through charity campaigns. Below are several of the groups we’ve supported:

Madison Seifert Davis Campaign

For the month of April Matt Galeone did a charity campaign with The Champion of Clarendon Ditch trilogy to donate an additional percentage of his royalties to the Madison Seifert Davis family to help them cover the costs of this tough little girl’s medical bills. Madison’s family are friends of Matt’s and some of them even helped inspire the characters in his trilogy.

Learn more about this courageous little girl’s battle with brain cancer and other ways you can support her fight

Clarendon Ditch & ReesSpecht Life Campaign

Matt Galeone, author of the Champion of Clarendon Ditch Trilogy, will be donating  5% of his royalties from all purchases of his trilogy to the ReesSpecht Life foundation as part of an ongoing charity campaign. The foundation’s primary goal is to remind people of the importance of Community, Compassion and Respect. If you haven’t purchased your copies of The Champion of Clarendon Ditch, now is the perfect time!  Greats reads for a great cause!  

The Friends of Patterson Park: Author Matt Galeone donated a portion of his author royalties from the last quarter of 2013 in support of his local park. During the campaign he appeared at several events to meet readers and sign their copies. It was a wonderful companion to the holiday season!

The Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center: During the final month of the 2013 holiday campaign, Author Matt Galeone added this worthy charity to receive a portion of his author royalties.

BreastFest Philly: In support of raising Breast Cancer awareness, 1st Ride graphic designer Billie-Jo Kearns donated her time and talents to creating a marketing postcard that was sent out to thousands of people in the Philadelphia area. The marketing materials she created helped draw crowds to this lively event and contributed to its success! Thanks Billie!