What is Coaching?

Coaching is working with a trained professional to help you achieve your life goals.

What exactly is a Coach?

  • A person with a set of skills and experiences, just like you!
  • A professional that has been trained to help others increase the likelihood of accomplishing their goals
  • Responsible for helping you stay on track and helping you get back on track when you fall behind
  • Someone to hold you accountable, offer resources, help you challenge your thinking, support you, and help you celebrate your successes!

All of our coaches have been through the 1st Ride training program and are 1st Ride certified coaches. Learn more about our coaches on the Meet Our Coaches page.

Our Services:

1st Ride Coaching Program
Coaching slide_Time Management

Let our coaches help you manage your time better!

1st Ride Coaching is a life/goals coaching practice that helps clients create meaningful goals tied to their values in order to move their lives in desired directions and create the experiences they want to have in the coming year. 1st Ride Coaching takes a holistic approach to help clients identify their values and goals, break them down into achievable tasks, and develop a plan to better manage their time and energy to achieve those goals. 

Targeted Goals Coaching Program

We know that the structured approach of our 1st Ride Coaching program may not be the best fit for every client, so our coaches are willing to work with you to customize a program to your needs whether you are pursuing one focused goal or want to work on several things.

Writing Coaching Program

Created specifically for Authors who are not a part of our Publishing division (yet!), this program pairs you with an experienced, creative coach to help you develop your manuscript. Having a creative coach work with you can be valuable and fulfilling. Our writing coaches can help you choose a book concept, outlining your book, writing dialogue, develop characters, establish tone and plot, and managing your time.



  • Q: Why is 1st Ride Coaching Different?
    • A: 1st Ride Coaching wants to empower you as an individual to set and meet your own goals in life. Our methodology focuses on tying your goals to values that are meaningful to you and achieving the goals through positive experiences.
  • Q: What is my time commitment to the program?
    • A: The program is designed to be a one year experience that encourages independence among participants to continue setting and achieve goals on their own. The program was designed to begin in November or early December to take advantage of the New Years resolution energy, however coaches accept clients year-round. Contact us for details!
  • Q: How do I choose a coach?
    • A: 1st Ride has a strong team of coaches available to assist you. Our coaches have a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. We suggest reading the Meet Our Coaches section above to get a feel for each coach and their coaching philosophy. We understand that finding the best match is an important part of the coaching process and we’re here to help you determine the right coach. If you aren’t sure which coach is right for you contact us!