What We Do

 1stRideLogo1st Ride Publishing is an artist owned and operated independent publishing house that is excited to work with new writers with innovative ideas and a desire to bring creative and original works to market. In our collaborative partnership the writers that we work with retain creative control while we bring writing coaching, editing, publishing, and marketing expertise to the table to help independent writers share their stories and characters with a larger audience.

1stRideLogo-KidsWe work with authors of fiction targeting both adult and youth markets. For more information on 1st Ride Kids click here.


Writing Coaching

The creative process can be really challenging but at 1st Ride our authors have dedicated writing coach to help them think through their ideas and overcome writing challenges. This creative collaboration can begin as early as the development stages of their story and can continue all the way through marketing and selling of your book. Each coach provides unbiased support and encouragement to help writers achieve a final manuscript that they love.

Editing & Proofreading

1st Ride firmly believes that self-published works can and should be professional and engaging. We also know how difficult it can be to edit your own work that you’ve poured countless hours into. We have experienced editors ready to partner with authors to help them craft the best possible version of their masterpiece.  We are professionals, and we will ensure that your book is too!

Layout & Illustration
We know that great authors may not also be great artists so 1st Ride offers support in developing illustrations and layout. While these services are traditionally thought of with kids books, our talented artists have been called in to work on adult books as well.  Whether you have full illustrations completed, pencil drawings, or no art at all, the 1st Ride creative team may be able to help!
The point where you take your manuscript and share it with the world is the time when many independent authors  get the most intimidated. 1st Ride will take all of the worry and work off of your shoulders! We take your completed and proofread manuscript and format it for printing and e-book reading. This also includes cover design support as well as other mundane things like submitting your work for copyright protection and getting an ISBN number assigned!
Now you have a written, edited, and formatted masterpiece … how do you get people to buy it?! 1st Ride has a targeted marketing strategy to let people know that the must-read book of the season has arrived! We start weeks before your book is released to tempt them with social media hype campaigns. Awareness isn’t enough though! We help drive sales of your book by submitting your work to buyers at major retailers, as well as  get your book to book club leaders, librarians, and influential bloggers and reviewers in your genre.
We know you’re proud of your work, and that your friends and family are hounding you for details! In addition to everything 1st Ride does to market your book to the big players, we want you to have some resources that you can share with your circles and local hot spots.  We provide authors with an entire toolkit of materials that they can use to promote themselves and their books including posters, bookmarks, and sell sheets. Our marketing efforts are a true collaboration with the artist!